3 Myths About Blinds You Can Dismiss

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The last thing you need when seeking out window blinds in Truckee, CA is a bunch of myths that confuse and mislead you. This is why it makes sense to do your homework beforehand so that you can make informed buying decisions and avoid experiencing buyer’s remorse. Here are 3 popular myths about blinds that you should know about.

1. Blinds Are Only Suitable for Certain Rooms

One of the myths is that blinds are only a good fit for specific rooms. This simply isn’t true. Remember that blinds are a versatile window covering type. You can get them in all sorts of styles, shades, and styles. This means that there are so many potential configurations that you can find blinds to fit virtually any room in your residence. Whether your bedrooms, den, kitchen, breakfast nook, family room, or basement, you can find blinds that are a perfect match. So do yourself a favor and head to a window-covering showroom to see for yourself all of the window blind options available. You just might be surprised by the range of options. But the great news is that staff in the showroom will be able to help you find exactly what you want.

2. Blinds Are a Pain to Keep Clean

This, too, is inaccurate. Often times, you really only need to dust them off with one of those inexpensive feather duster products. Use it to keep the slats free from dust and dirt. You may have to go a step further if your blinds are extra dirty, however. This may require you to take down the blinds and to use a damp cloth to remove the dust and dirt. If you dust them regularly, you will be able to save yourself from a rigorous cleaning regimen. So chances are you’ll find that the cleaning you need to do is minimal versus the functionality of your window blinds.

3. Blinds Won’t Fit Your Décor

This is another myth that you need to toss to the curb. Because window blinds are so versatile, you can find options that perfectly fit the décor of your home. For best results, make an appointment to sit down with a window covering store representative. You can see a range of options, ask questions about them, and pick products that fit your specific décor and style needs.

These are 3 common myths about window blinds that are untrue. Don’t allow misinformation to get in the way of your making an informed buying decision. Contact us at DLUX Window Coverings for the help you need in separating fact from fiction. We’re a premier provider of window blinds in Truckee, CA, and we also sell other window covering types. Give us a call at (530) 550-0183 to speak to one of our helpful staff members. Also feel free to drop by our showroom at 10001 Soaring Way Ste 120, Truckee, CA 96161. You can see our window covering options and speak with one of our staff members. We look forward to serving you.

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