3 Types of Energy Efficient Window Coverings to Consider

Many people buy replacement windows with energy efficiency in mind, but did you know that you can find window treatments with energy efficiency properties as well? So you can go the extra mile by pairing quality replacement windows with quality window coverings such as windows shutters in Sparks, NV.

Are you interested in learning more about how you can lower energy consumption and reduce your carbon footprint as a consumer? Consider these 3 types of energy efficient window coverings – and think about how they could help to reduce your utility bills year-round.

1. Window Shutters
If you do a bit of research into hardwood shutters, you’ll see soon enough that they have excellent insulating properties that can help to maintain the temperature you want in your home. So during the summer months, for example, you can keep rooms cooler if you have hardwood shutters. Consider that the panels will be custom-fitted for your windows, and they will be installed tightly to keep air from seeping inside your home. In addition to this, hardwood shutters simply look great and will boost the valuation of your home. What this means is that if you’re looking for a window covering that has great insulating properties and will increase your home valuation, then consider hardwood shutters.

2. Drapes/Curtains
Are you a lover of drapes and curtains? These kinds of window treatments will add another layer of insulation that will help to maintain the internal temperature of your home. For best results, you can combine drapes or curtains with other window coverings such as blinds. Drapes and curtains, in addition to helping with energy efficiency, offer other benefits. For example, they can block out light to offer privacy, can safeguard your furniture by blocking damaging ultraviolet rays from getting in your home, and can add a splash of style that gives that level of extra pop.

3. Cellular Shades
This window covering option offers a layer of insulation that will make your home more energy efficient. Also consider that cellular shades are, as far as window coverings go, high on the list of efficiency value. So you can’t go wrong by getting them for your home.

These are just a few recommendations if you’re looking for energy efficient window coverings for your home. Whether you want cellular shades, drapes or curtains, or windows shutters in Sparks, NV, you can find window coverings that help you to reduce energy consumption and to reduce your carbon footprint. Contact us at DLUX Window Coverings if you’d like to explore your options or ask questions. We have a wide variety of window coverings for you to choose from. When you book a consultation, we’ll be happy to show you products and to help you find the best options for your windows. You can visit our Reno, NV location at 770 S Meadows Pkwy #112, Reno, NV 89521 or call (775) 800-1332. You can also visit our Truckee, CA location at 10001 Soaring Way Ste 120, Truckee, CA 96161 or call (530) 550-0183.

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