4 Signs that Your Window Shutters Should Be Replaced

Are your window coverings looking the worse for wear these days? While they will provide years of reliable service, window shutters will require replacing at some point in time. So it helps if you know when it might be time to go shopping for window coverings. Here’s a look at 3 signs that new Reno, NV window coverings should be on your to-do list.

1. Windows Shutters Look Old & Tattered

One sign that your window shutters ought to be replaced is if they look old and tattered. Window shutters will last a long time if they’re treated right and maintained properly, but they will eventually reach the end of their lifecycle. When that time finally comes, it makes sense to replace them sooner rather than later. Broken slats will bring down the look of your home. And fading will make your window shutters stand out for the wrong reasons.

2. Mechanism Malfunctioning

When you try to open or close your window shutters, do they respond the way they’re supposed to or do they do everything other than what you expect them to do? You’ll certainly want to change your window shutters if the mechanisms no longer work reliably. You can bet that the problem will get worse over time and will eventually lead to complete mechanism failure. So ignoring the problem is not the answer to the problem. Once you start to notice that your blinds are experiencing problems operationally, it’s time to go to a window covering company.

3. New Replacement Windows Were Installed

Some people opt to get new window shutters whenever they get new replacement windows. You don’t have to go this route, of course, but it makes sense to complement your new windows with new window coverings. Otherwise, you might be pairing new replacement windows with old and tattered window coverings. This will bring down the overall look of your home since the difference between the new windows and the old window coverings will be obvious. Getting window coverings is a great decision when the time comes to upgrade your windows. You can either buy window coverings similar to what you already have or go another route entirely.

4. They’re Outdated

Do your window shutters look like something from another era? Sometimes that’s not such a bad thing because it can add character to your home, but other times it will simply stand out for all of the wrong reasons. If your window coverings look like they should be teleported back to yesteryear, then consider updating them with something more modern.

Are you looking for new window coverings for your home? Contact the experts at DLUX Window Coverings for the help you need in determining what window coverings will work best for your windows. We’re the Reno, NV window covering company that families turn to when they want the best in window shutters, blinds, and other types of window treatments. Get a hold of us at our Reno, NV location at 770 S Meadows Pkwy #112, Reno, NV 89521 or (775) 800-1332. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for the window coverings you need. Our goal is to meet your expectations, and our track record speaks for itself. Call us or visit us today.

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