A Guide To Layering Your Window Coverings

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One way to revamp the look of a room by creating depth or improving your window treatment’s light-control and insulation ability is through layering. You can find quality window coverings in Sparks, NV that don’t need layering. But it is possible that your window covering may not do well at UV, protection, privacy, energy efficiency, and so on. Here is how to go about layering.

You Need To Consider The Function You Are Looking For In Your Window Covering

The function here just means asking yourself what you need a window treatment to do for you. Some people want to layer mostly for aesthetics. Others have functional reasons such as enhancing privacy during the night or wanting more natural light without sacrificing privacy. Once you decide your reason for wanting to layer your window treatments, it becomes easier to find what you need.

Choose The Window Covering That Will Act As The Focal Point

The layer that acts as the focal point is the layer that has bold patterns while the other layer should have neutral colors. For example, you can make your drapes the focal point with bold colors or patterns and install plantation shutters in the background. The trick is to make sure that the window treatment in the background is neutral so that there is a lower risk of color clashing.

Details On How To Layer

Layering draperies with blinds or shades is the most popular method of layering. The first tip is to always install the hard window treatments in the background. Hard window treatments include wood shutters, blinds, faux wood blinds, and faux wood shutters. Soft window treatments such as cellular and roller shades are an alternative to hardwood shutters. Since hard window treatments often have a wood finish, you need to layer them with curtains. Remember that wood coverings are often stained or painted with neutral colors.

Prints And Solid Colors

You can choose a print or a solid color for either the soft window coverings or the hard window covering. The safest method is to select a print for one layer and a solid color for the other layer. But if you are confident about your color-matching skills, you can choose a print for both layers. One tip for doing this is to select a small-scale print for one layer and a delicate print for the other layer.

Layering Draperies And Roman Shades

Roman shades give your home a luxurious cozy feel which is also possible to achieve with draperies. Layering these window treatments enhances that look and also increases the amount of light control. The roman shades filter light but they let light through on the sides of the window, which you can block using draperies. You can layer printed roman shades with solid-colored draperies.

We have extensive knowledge about window coverings including window blinds in Sparks, NV. At our showroom, we can help you find the window treatments you need and show you how to layer different window coverings.

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