The Best Window Coverings on the Market for Privacy

window shutters in Tahoe City, CA

Almost all the rooms in your home have a different function, so they’ll each need different levels of privacy when you’re considering which coverings would be the best for that room. It can be hard to know what the right option is, so whether it’s treatments or window shutters in Tahoe City, CA, you want to make sure that you do all the necessary research and understand your needs before making your purchase. The process might feel confusing, so here is a list of different window coverings that offer the highest level of privacy on the market.

Floor Length

Floor-length drapes are ideal for any rooms that face a street and are on the first floor, and this is due to multiple factors. Not only are they stylish and have a dramatic flair, but they’re easy to maneuver and use. They are also easily personalized to match your style or color scheme well while offering a variety of privacy options.


This option works great for rooms such as bedrooms or bathrooms. You will want to utilize them in areas that need privacy without sacrificing the light that can come through the window. They work well to block individuals’ ability to see inside while still supporting the natural light to make a small space feel welcoming. They offer temperature control which can be a source to help decrease your bills each month as well.

Sheers for Privacy

This option is known for specifically being used to support privacy. They work well with larger windows or glass doors, and the fabric panes can be faced in the same direction as the drapes. They are a more affordable option that doesn’t require a lot of updates and can be personalized to your home style.

Roller Shades

The shades are specifically made to help increase the darkness in a room. They are a popular option for bedrooms to help decrease the natural light and create a darker experience that can promote relaxation and better rest. They can block out all forms of light, such as St lamps which at the same time supports total privacy for the individuals in the room.

In addition, the shades are also well known to help reduce any UV exposure, which can prevent a natural feeding or breakdown of floors or personal items in the room.

Quality You Can Count On

If privacy is your number one concern when it comes to specific parts of your home, it’s good to know you have multiple options that can fit various needs that you may have. Finding a product that serves multiple purposes while being aesthetically pleasing is your primary goal.

DLUX Window Coverings is a family-owned business that prides itself on its open communication and experience, making them the best in the area for multiple years. We understand the complexities of finding privacy coverings or even window shutters in Tahoe City, CA, and would love to help you find the right product for you, so contact us today.

window shutters in Tahoe City, CA

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