How Not To Waste Money On Window Treatments

Most people in the market for window treatments are overwhelmed by the number of options available. When you are shopping for window coverings such as window shades in Sparks, NV, you need to consider your budget, preferences, and home décor. When you consider all these factors, it is much easier…

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Differences Between Single And Double Cellular Shades

It’s common for people to use the word shades and blinds interchangeably, but shades are made from fabric while blinds have slats and are made from hard materials. When shopping for window shades in Tahoe City, CA, you often have to choose either single or double cellular shades. Let us…

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The Best Shades For Your Living Room

For most people, the living room sets the tone as far as interior decor is concerned because it’s the room where you host parties and have family gatherings. So, when shopping for shades, blinds, and window shutters in Sparks, NV for your living room, you need to think about the…

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Why You May Need Motorized Shades

Motorized shades offer you automation and convenience which are qualities that make them some of the best window shades in Sparks, NV. They also help keep your home secure when you are away traveling. Your kids and pets are also safer because they do not have to use cords to…

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Should You Invest In Motorized Shades And Blinds?

You have once thought about buying a window covering in Incline Village, NV that you can open in the morning without having to crawl from underneath the covers. Modern motorized shades may just be what you need. Here are reasons why investing in motorized shades might be the right move…

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How to Keep Kids Safe Around Window Shades

In the grand scheme of things, window shades in Sparks, NV are definitely not going to be the most dangerous option when it comes to window coverings. So you should feel free to have them installed in your home, even if you have kids. But at the same time, you…

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Tips to Help Keep Your Window Shades Clean

After you go through the process of installing window shades in Tahoe City, CA, you should be able to keep them around for many years to come. But in order to make this possible, you’ll need to take good care of your shades at all times. That will mean that…

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Why Install Window Shades in Your Bedroom?

When someone moves into a new house, putting up window coverings is usually a priority. There a several different types of window coverings available, but window shades in Incline Village, NV are especially popular in the bedrooms of local homes. Some of the top reasons why you should install window…

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Caring for Your Exterior Shutters

Whether you've chosen to install window shades in Tahoe City, CA, or shutters for your home, they will all need different levels of maintenance and care throughout the year to promote longevity. It is essential to understand how to care for them because it keeps them looking fantastic and extends their…

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