Common Myths About Window Treatments

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Multiple factors can make the decision when it comes to choosing window shutters in Incline Village, NV. You must consider what your needs are, the aesthetics of your home, and what kinds of windows you have. And you may have been given some inaccurate information, so DLUX Window Treatments is here to help clear up some of the confusion you may be experiencing.

Hang Drapes on the Trim
In many situations, individuals believe that the drapes need to be hung on the window trim. This is further from the truth because this action will create an illusion that your home has short windows that block the natural light.

Drapes need to be hung higher up and broader and should be about an inch from your ceiling. You want the inner edges to come to the outside of the window, which will allow the light to come through.

Treatments Can Make a Home Look Dark
Some treatments offer a darkening aspect if this is what the client needs for a theater or bedroom environment. The truth is window coverings can come in various materials and offer anything from a blackout option to sheer. Even the darkest coverings can be opened to allow light to come in, so understanding your needs will help when you make your decision.

Window Covers Can Alter Your Views
In some situations, certain coverings can block the window’s view, but this is not always true. Some options offer a clear picture of your area even when the shades are down. The primary thing is to let the consultant know when you’re picking out the window coverings for your home.

Motorization is Not a Necessity
Motorized window treatments are considered a luxury by some but might be a necessity in certain situations. If the home has windows that are hard to reach, such as two-story or skylights, it can make it more difficult physically to open, close, and maintain them but could be dangerous depending on the situation. They are also a great addition for anyone who may need extra physical help opening and closing via corded systems. By remotely operating your window blinds, you can be anywhere and have control over when and how they open and close.

The Treatments are Alike
Another myth is that all window treatments are the same, no matter which one you pick. Homes are built individually, which means aspects like, but the windows will vary, and the needs may change. This also applies to manufacturers and how the treatment product is created, which means that a higher quality window shade may cost more, but can last longer, which will save you money over time.

Quality you Can Depend On
DLUX Window Coverings has a reputation for quality and design that meets and exceeds the expectations of our clients. We have an extensive collection to choose from and pride ourselves on offering a precision experience when our customers look for window coverings for their homes. If you need new window shutters in Incline Village, NV, give us a call; we are happy to help.

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