Common Window Covering Mistakes To Avoid

window coverings in Tahoe City, CA

When selecting window coverings in Tahoe City, CA, you have to remember that they don’t just cover your window but also contribute to the curb appeal of your home. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider your own personal style, texture, and so on. Here is how to avoid common window covering mistakes.

Hardware Is Just As Important As The Covering

Hardware such as curtain rods, hooks, finials, and more should not be plain. They should match with the window covering and even the lighting you are using in a room. For example, a bronze curtain rod goes well with white and ivory window treatments. Bronze-colored window hardware can also go with blinds, shutters, and shades that are dark purple, teal, dark green, and navy blue.

The Size Of Your Room Should Influence Window Treatment Choice

Not considering the size of a room when choosing window coverings can affect the whole look of a space. A larger room should ideally have window treatments that are larger in proportions. Even the designs, patterns, and even pleat sizes should be larger. You can determine the right size for these features by balancing them with the size of furniture, lighting, artwork, and other accessories placed in the room. Make sure the window hardware used in a larger room has a larger diameter and that the curtains reach the floor.

The Size Of The Window Matters

The size of the window matters because it determines the amount of light that enters a room. So, your window treatments should be based on whether you want to soften, control, or block the light. Think about whether the window treatment can protect your privacy while also providing an open view. Knowing the size of your window also makes it easier to choose window coverings that can be drawn completely without exposing the wall or covering parts of the window.

You Need To Choose The Right Material

When choosing material, think about pets, children, and your lifestyle. For example, cordless shades and blinds keep your pets and children safe while also making your window look neater. Choosing the right material for every room is also important. Window coverings that are hard to clean should not be installed in a mudroom or kitchen for instance. If you are looking for coverings for your bathroom, choose materials that do not warp or bow when exposed to constant humidity such as roller shades. Wooden shades would be a disaster in a bathroom.

Consider How Your Window Coverings Look Like From The Outside

Some people choose neutral colors such as white to match the front of their home. You can go for more adventurous colors, but make sure that they do not clash with the color of your house. If the colors of your window coverings and the color of your house clash, it may take all the attention away from your home’s overall appearance.

Our window treatment specialists can help you choose the right shades, shutters, and window blinds in Tahoe City, CA. Talk to our staff and let us show you how to avoid window treatment mistakes.

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