Dos and Don’ts For Nursery Window Treatments

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If you are preparing to welcome a new baby, you are probably researching nursery window blinds in Sparks, NV. You need to consider safety, privacy, insulation, and light filtration when you are looking for the right window coverings for your baby’s nursery. Another important factor to consider is the aesthetics of the window treatments. Here are the dos and don’ts for your baby’s nursery:

Safety Is Always The First Consideration

Safety is the first thing you need to focus on when selecting window treatments for a nursery. The window treatment should be safe and child friendly. For example, cordless window blinds are not likely to choke or entangle a child. You should avoid window treatments that have long cords or tassels that could be dangerous for children. Another thing to avoid is long drapes that reach the floor. Babies can pull them as they curiously explore the drapes.

Blackout Curtains For When The Baby Is Having A Nap

Use blackout curtains or shades in the nursery because they can fully block out natural light. This is important because babies need a lot of sleep, and when the environment is dark and comfortable they will easily fall asleep and stay asleep. Blackout curtains or shades also help to block out the noise, creating a peaceful atmosphere for your little one.

Let Natural Light Into The Nursery

Natural light helps develop your child’s sleep and wake cycle which means you don’t have to deal with situations where your child sleeps or wakes at odd times of the day. The vitamin D your child gets from natural light in the morning helps improve your child’s mood which can make the day more bearable for you. Natural light is also great for allowing you to clean the room easier because there are no dark corners harboring dust, dirt, or even a spider.

Balance The Aesthetics Of The Window With That Of The Window Coverings

Everyone wants their baby’s nursery to have the best window treatments. But many times people install window treatments that upstage the windows such that even when you open them completely, they still cover part of the window. To avoid this, install a curtain rod that goes further from the window’s edge and hand wide-paneled drapes on it. This will allow you to pull the panels away from the edge of the window completely to let in maximum natural light. Use curtain rods that can accommodate wide-paneled drapes and are stable.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Patterns

If there is one room in your house that should have as much personality as possible, it should be the nursery. Patterns create continuity, especially if you feature the pattern on the curtains multiple times throughout the room. You can feature the pattern on the bedding, accent pillows, and even on the floor rag.

Visit our showroom and let us help you find the right window treatment for your child’s nursery. We don’t just offer quality window coverings such as window blinds in Sparks, NV but also provide professional installers.

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