Fighting The Heat With Solar Screen Shades

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Solar screen shades are excellent heat protection options you can find when shopping for window coverings in Sparks, NV. You can expect such window coverings to lower your electricity bills during the summer. These kinds of window coverings are becoming more essential as people experience more heat waves and higher energy bills during the summer. Here is why solar screen shades keep your home comfortable all year round.

Solar Screen Shades Block The Heat

The unique thing about solar screen shades is their ability to absorb and reflect the sun’s harmful infrared radiation or heat. That means the heat does not enter your home and causes discomfort. Windows block some of that heat but that doesn’t mean that some heat will not leak through and gradually heat the air inside your home. That means that only after a few minutes your home will get warmer and you may not have any way of dealing with it. Solar screen shades provide an extra layer of protection that blocks that heat. When the solar shades are closed they block more heat than when they are open. You can get them in various colors and they do not necessarily block natural light from entering your home.

Why You Need Solar Screen Shades

The infrared light that the solar shade blocks can cause heat gain in your home. The warmer your home becomes the harder your air conditioner works to keep your home comfortable. But solar screens block that extra heat from getting into your home meaning that you don’t have to adjust your air conditioner to work harder. Your solar screen shade also blocks UV rays which are harmful to your skin and can damage upholstery or furniture. This is why you must wear sunscreen whenever you go outside to protect your skin from ultraviolet radiation (UV radiation). UV radiation is associated with skin cancer. Solar screens also reduce glare so that you don’t have to cover your eyes when you look at your window or adjust your TV to see what is happening on screen.

Solar Shades Block A Lot Of Heat

According to the US Department of Energy, a solar shade can decrease heat gain caused by infrared light by up to 80%. This is amazing when you consider that more than 70% of the light that passes through your windows turns into heat.

Fabrics Used To Make Solar Screen Shades

Solar shades come in different percentages or “openness”. The term openness simply describes the amount of light that goes through the solar shade material. If you choose 5% openness, you can expect it to only allow 5% of the light that hits the window to get into the room. At 1% openness most natural light is blocked and you almost don’t get any view. This is a great option if your window gets excess direct sunlight. If you want maximum view and natural light, go for the 10% or 12% view.

If you want an alternative to shades, you can buy window shutters and window blinds in Sparks, NV. Come to our showroom today.

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