Finding Inspiration For Your Window Treatment Project

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It’s normal to be a little uninspired when starting a project for window coverings in Incline Village, NV. You may have looked at different interior decor magazines and researched online to no avail. This is likely because there are just too many window treatment options out there. What you need is inspiration for your window treatment project to be successful. Here are some ways you can get inspired.

Use Your Room’s Aesthetics For Inspiration

Your window treatments make a room’s interior decor feel finished and decor. Window covering is part of the interior decor, so it makes sense to use the room’s aesthetics as inspiration. Focus on the furniture pieces, paint colors, and accessories in the room to help you choose the right color or type of window covering. For instance, if the room is painted in various shades of green, you can choose a green window covering that ties everything up. If you have wood furniture together with wood paneling, then shutters that let in maximum light could be a great idea.

Try The Window Treatment Before You Buy It

Before you make a purchase, consider trying the window treatment in your home. It may look great online or at a showroom, but may not look as good on your windows at home. Use a curtain or blind configuration and use samples to see how they match your wall color and other interior décor. Try the shades or blinds to see what they add to the room’s look or feel and then if you are satisfied, you can go ahead and splurge. The fabric you choose for your window treatments should add character and definition to your room.

Visit A Window Treatment Showroom

You don’t have to rack up your brain for inspiration when you can get a lot of help at a window treatment showroom. Just walking through the showroom and seeing various types of window coverings can spark an idea in your mind. You get to examine the merchandise in person and talk to the staff if you need guidance. In fact, you can ask the staff for ideas on how to approach your project.

Ideas For Window Coverings

If you are still struggling to make a choice, you can approach your project by focusing on one room at a time. For your bathroom, you need window treatments that provide privacy and can last in the bathroom environment. Opaque curtains and privacy blinds enhance privacy in your bathroom but make sure they are made of materials that don’t get damaged easily because of the moisture in the bathroom. In your living room, use window treatments that can let in as much light as possible without sacrificing privacy. You can use curtains and layer them with shades or blinds, which allows you to control the levels of light that enter your space.

Our staff is always ready to help you with ideas when you come to check out our window blinds in Incline Village, NV showroom. We have multiple window treatment options you can look at.

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