Get Some Shut-Eye with These Window Coverings

If you want bedroom window coverings that will help you get better shut-eye, you’ll be glad to know that there are options for that. Whether you want Truckee, CA window shutters, shades, or blinds, you can find window coverings that do a good job of keeping out the light.

Here is a look at some of the options at your disposal if you need window coverings that will allow you to get quality shut-eye during the day or at night.

Window Shutters
Do you do shift work? If so, perhaps you find yourself needing to get some sleep during the daylight hours. That can be difficult if there’s a lot of sunlight streaming into your bedroom. One way you can remedy this is to install some wood or faux wood window shutters. When the slats are closed, you can block out a lot of light. This will make your room dark enough for you to sleep. Ask a window covering retailer for help in choosing the right window shutters for you. It’s important to know that wood window shutters are more expensive than many other window covering types, but it’s hard to beat the upscale look they offer. And they’ll help you get some quality sleep.

Roller Shades
Another type of window covering that will ensure your room is dark enough for you to get some quality shut-eye is the roller shades category. Roller shades, rather than including slats like blinds or shutters, consist of a single piece of material. So if you get the right size for your window, you will effectively block out the light when you pull it down. Your best bet is to go to a window covering store and then get some expert assistance from the staff there. They’ll guide you in the right direction so that you choose something that gives you what you need.

Faux Wood Blinds
While faux wood blinds are not the same as real wood blinds, they look and feel about the same – but they come at a lower price point. So if you want wood blinds but find the price to exceed your financial means, then consider faux wood blinds instead. Since faux wood blinds are constructed out of solid materials, they will help to keep light from filtering into your bedroom. As well, faux wood blinds are resistant to moisture, durable, easy to maintain, recyclable, and aesthetically pleasing. There’s a lot to like.

Get in touch with us at DLUX Window Coverings for the help you need. We sell all sorts of window coverings, and you can bet that we’ll be able to help you find the right Truckee, CA window shutters, motorized shades, shades, blinds, vertical solutions, custom drapery, roman shades, and specialty shapes and skylights. You’ll have plenty of options if you want window coverings that can help you get enough shut-eye. Call or visit us when you need us, and we’ll guide you through the process so that you get the right window coverings for every room in your home.

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