How To Choose The Right Window Treatment Color For Your Home

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Color is very important when you are choosing window coverings in Tahoe City, CA because it could make or break your room’s interior design. Sometimes darker wood colors are the best if you have a big house with a lot of light streaming in. Other times you need window treatments with brighter more flamboyant colors when you want to inject a bit of fun into the atmosphere of a dull room. Here is how you can choose window treatment colors for your room.

Consider Your Feelings

You should first consider how you want a room to make you feel before you go out shopping for window treatments. Different colors can actually affect your mood. The trick is to go for a color that enhances your preferred mood without dominating the look of the room. Grey and taupe window treatments can create a warm and cool feeling in a room. If you want a room to be an escape from a busy world, go for tan and brown because of the stability and gravity that they bring into a room.

Matching Color Is A Safe Choice

If getting the right color for your window treatments is stressful, then try matching your window treatments to your wall color. A pink wall matches easily with light, medium, and dark pink. Soft grey walls match perfectly with deep blue window treatments. But you could also settle for safer neutral colors for your window treatments such as light grey, cream, or white. Use a color wheel as a guide to picking colors that go together.

Materials Used Can Determine The Right Color

Window treatments made of wood look better in a room if they preserve their natural brown color, or you could go for a grey color or darker blues. But that doesn’t mean you cannot experiment with blinds that come in bolder colors such as red or even green. If you love shades made of quality linen, you should know linen looks better with neutral colors. These include colors such as caramel tans, misty greys, oysters, and oatmeals.

Nature Colors Are Great For Outdoorsy Types

Nature colors create a nurturing, comforting, and calming effect in a room. For example, olive sprig is a botanical-inspired color that brings reminds you of the warmth and lushness of the outdoors. It has a similar effect to sage leaves. If you want a more neutral green-ish hue for your window treatments, neutral-green October Mist may be what you are looking for. It has the same sophistication as olive sprig but also adds a soothing relaxed feel to a room. If you have a beach house, the breezeway color is the best choice because it brings the beach vibe right into your home.

Don’t Stress Yourself

Choosing the right color window treatment does not have to feel like rocket science. There are several resources online that can help you find the right color for your room.

We understand that finding the right shades and window blinds in Tahoe City, CA is a priority for you. That is why our staff is always ready to help you pick the right colors for your window treatments.


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