How to Keep Kids Safe Around Window Shades

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In the grand scheme of things, window shades in Sparks, NV are definitely not going to be the most dangerous option when it comes to window coverings. So you should feel free to have them installed in your home, even if you have kids. But at the same time, you should also take some precautions to keep your kids safe when they’re around your home’s window shades. We’ve put together a list of things you can do to accomplish this goal. Check them out below and make sure that you’re always safe when it comes to the window shades in your home.

Teach kids not to play near the window shades in your home.

From the moment that you have a single Sparks, NV window shade installed in your home, you should talk to your kids about not messing around near them. All it will take is one misstep for your kids to go crashing into some shades and pull them down. Generally speaking, there shouldn’t ever be any reason for your kids to be around your shades. You should make it a point to stop them from horsing around by your shades and putting both themselves and your shades at risk.

Try to eliminate cords, wands, etc. from your home’s window shades.

If you are going to install window shades in your home, you should try not to do it with shades that rely on cords, wands, etc. Kids can very easily get tangled up in these things and injure themselves. So whenever possible, you should steer clear of hanging these kinds of window coverings up in your home. Or at the very least, you should take the time to tie cords, wands, etc. up so that your kids can’t get to them. It’ll make a big difference in the overall safety of your house.

Think about motorizing your home’s window shades.

If you can afford it, it’s almost always a great idea to motorize shades whenever possible. It’ll benefit you in a variety of ways. First and foremost, it’ll make it so simple for you to put your home’s shades up and down with the push of a button. But it’ll also take things one step further and ensure that you don’t have to worry about using cords, wands, etc. at all when operating shades. You can remove these things from your home completely and ensure your kids won’t come into contact with them.

Tell your kids that you will help them put window shades up and down.

There will be times when your kids will want to put the shades in your home up and down. This will be especially true if you have shades in your kids’ rooms or in other rooms that they use all the time. With this in mind, you should speak with your kids about how you’ll put the shades up and down for them whenever they would like. It’ll increase the chances of them coming to you to put shades up and down rather than trying to do it on their own and potentially getting hurt.

Do you want to be sure that the Sparks, NV shades you install in your home are as safe as they can be? We can make it our mission to provide you with safe window shades for your house when you turn to us for help. Give us a call to start shopping for safe shades today.

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