3 Reasons Why Window Covering Company Testimonials Can Help You

The good book says that a good name is to be valued more than silver or gold. So when looking for a reputable Reno, NV window shades company, you’ll obviously want to find a company that has a stellar reputation for professionalism, customer service, and quality products. You can ask…

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Common Myths About Window Shades

If you're considering window coverings, window shades are a good option. With their relatively low price points, wide variety of styles, and many types of materials available, Reno, NV window shades should be on your consideration list. So if you’ve come across any of the following 5 common myths about…

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3 DIY Projects to Refresh Your Residence

While we're now well into another summer, there's still plenty of time to take on some do-it-yourself projects that can refresh your residence. Does your home need to be revitalized? Are there specific rooms that need some pop? Decide what needs to be done and, based on how much time…

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