The Best Window Coverings For Your Kid’s Room

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When searching for the right window coverings in Tahoe City, CA for your child’s room, consider not just style but also privacy. Beautiful window treatments are great but you always have to think about practicality. So, while it might have all the images of your child’s favorite cartoon characters it must also let in enough light at different times of the day. You and your child must also be able to operate it with ease without anyone getting injured. Here are the best window treatments tips for your child’s room.

The Window Treatment Must Be Safe For Your Kids And Pets

Back when corded window treatments used to be the norm, there used to be cases of pets or children getting entangled in the cords. These cords can cause strangulation. But now there is a variety of cordless blinds and shades made by different manufacturers. Choose the options that a child can operate easily. Some examples include cordless honeycomb window coverings, cordless roller shades, and motorized shades.

Make Sure It Can Withstand A Child’s Destructive Behavior

Children destroy things not because they want to but because they don’t know any better. This destructive behavior is also how they learn. You might as well prepare for that behavior by getting window treatments that can withstand constant pulling or other forms of mistreatment. Cordless blinds are a great idea especially if the window is out of the child’s reach. You can also go for shutters made of wood or polywood because they are hard enough to withstand any havoc your child creates.

A Child’s Rooms Should Be Well Lit At Any Time Of The Day

Your child is probably more likely to stay in the room playing if there is adequate light for them to see their toys. Enough natural light during the day means you can see all the dirt and keep the room clean and safe for you and your child. But you must also be able to block out all the light, especially in the day time to create a dark and peaceful environment for your child to sleep in. Consider the thickness of the material of the window treatment because that’s what determines its light-blocking abilities. Cellular shades and blinds are great options for natural light control.

The Window Treatment Should Be Easy To Maintain

Stains, dirt, and dust are the greatest enemies you have to deal with on the window coverings in your child’s room. So, the better choice is a window covering that is easy to dust and can be cleaned mostly by wiping it with a damp cloth. If you want easy-to-wipe-clean options, choose window coverings made from materials such as vinyl, PVC, and faux wood. Make sure that the material is durable.

Don’t waste time searching for window blinds in Tahoe City, CA because we already have what you want. At our showroom, we have EverWood Alternative wood blinds that come complete with cordless operating systems and provide maximum insulation, and are humidity-resistant. They are just the right solution for your child’s room.

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