Things to Keep in Mind if You Want the Right Window Coverings

Going out to get window coverings for your home is an important undertaking. When you go to a window covering store in Incline Village, NV, you won’t want to get just any products. You’ll want to get the right types of window treatments for the various windows in your home. The good news is that there are different window covering varieties that can work for your windows. So it’s not a matter of there being only one type that you need to buy. But some kinds will work better than others for certain applications, and the window covering store staff will be able to help.

If you like to head into projects with as much information as you can, then read on to learn about a few things to keep in mind if you want to get the right window coverings for your home.

Curtains Should be Hung Wide and High
If you’re going to buy curtains or drapes for some of your windows, hang them wide and high. Most people love the idea of making their living room, bedroom, or den look bigger than it really is. You can do this if you put up your drapes or curtains the right way. Consider this: hang the drapes one foot — or more — above the top of the window frame. If you’re really feeling adventurous, you can hang the rod up the ceiling. Also extend the curtain rod on both ends by up to half a foot. It’s also a good idea to choose a drape or curtain that extends down to the floor. By doing all of the aforementioned, you’ll increase the size of your room — at least visually.

Layer Window Treatments
Are you wondering if it’s okay to layer window treatments? Don’t second-guess yourself if you’re leaning in the direction of layering them. You can make your windows look as picture-perfect as the ones on those home remodeling shows by layering two or more types of window treatments. For instance, you might use wood blinds or faux wood blinds and then complete the look with a nice curtain or drape. As long as they match and complement each other, you’ll be golden!

Wide Slats Work for Blinds and Shutters
Do you want shutters or blinds? If you’d like to increase the appeal, opt for larger slats. They offer a more upscale look. They will come at a price premium compared to windows and shutters with smaller slats, but the higher price will be worth it if you place a premium on a better overall look.

Where should you go if you want window coverings in Incline Village, NV? There are numerous reputable companies that can meet your needs. We happen to be one of them. We’re a full-service Hunter Douglas Gallery dealer that has a track record of success. We also have two showrooms, one in Truckee, CA and one in Reno, NV. A family-operated business, we are the most experienced window cover dealer in the Northern Nevada region. We offer all sorts of blinds, shades, shutters, and soft treatments. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs. So give us a call or stop by for a visit.

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