Top Corner Window Treatment Ideas

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It’s a challenge figuring out the type of window shutters in Incline Village, NV that can enhance the fantastic look of your corner windows. Corner windows don’t just let in a lot of natural light into a room but also offer amazing views of the outside. Here are some popular window treatment ideas for your corner windows.

Use Curtains Or Drapes

If you have two separate windows in the corner, use a window treatment that can cover both windows. That means using a single drapery rod with a corner connector. Only a drape that is large enough to cover both windows can provide that seamless feel you need. Make sure the window treatment can open or close with ease, and consider ceiling-mount rods if the glass extends around the corner.

Valances Can Soften The Sharp Corner

Using appropriate valances can help bring everything together if you use them on corner windows. It does this by softening the rough corners where the windows meet. Not all drapes need a window valance to smooth out the corner. You can get the same effect by using a single continuous valance because it ties everything together neatly.

Shades Or Blinds Add A Symmetrical Element To Your Corner Window

Shades or blinds are made to fit inside the window frame, so the corner does not really change how they are mounted. Sometimes the frame is not deep enough for a blind or shade to be mounted inside it or the windows may have cranks or handles. That means they may have to be mounted outside, which makes them create a mirror effect on the corner window because they appear symmetrical.

Don’t Forget To Measure The Window

Before you buy the window treatment, measure the frame and the wall space around the window. You should also take a picture of the corner so that it will be easier to find the right hardware for the corner window. All these factors will guide your decision on the right window treatment for your corner windows.

Plantation Shutters For Bay Windows

If the plantation shutters can go inside the frame, then you get a sleek and seamless look for your corner windows. There are plantation shutters for any window size or shape, even if the inner part of your window is angled. Sometimes the inside of the frame is too shallow to fit shutters, but you can always install them outside the window frame. An experienced installer can make the window treatment look great even if they are installed outside the frame.

Other Tips For Corner Windows

Use curtain rod brackets to support curtain rods installed into the wall, ceiling, or window frame. If there are two windows that meet at the corner, use a curtain rod corner connector to attach the two rods. This is a great way to make the curtain rod look seamless and neater.

We provide great corner window solutions for people looking for window shades in Incline Village, NV. Our staff has extensive window treatment knowledge and can help you install window coverings on your corner windows.

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