Top Ways to Care for Your Wood Blinds

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Wood blinds not only offer a high-quality option to add to any room of your home, but they also add a warm and comfortable aesthetic to promote coziness. This only becomes problematic when the blinds are not maintained, and a buildup of dust and debris accumulates. It is vital to understand how to properly care for any window covering in Tahoe City, CA, that you may have, and regular or faux wood is no different, so continue reading to learn more.

Maintenance 101

Taking the appropriate steps to keep your blinds as clean as possible not only promotes a happier environment but a cleaner one. The level of buildup on your coverings can contribute to the air quality in your home, so it’s essential to understand the appropriate measures to keep them clean.

Your first starting place will be understanding what kind of material your blinds are made up of before proceeding. These blinds are typically made from PVC, composite, or vinyl and are made to be warp-resistant and durable. Faux wood is made to mimic natural wood and is finished with a specific type of paint.

Faux wood can be identified by a repetitive pattern on the slats, so you know it is safe for specific methods, and most cleaners are safe to use on the material. Keep in mind that it’s advised not to use harsh detergents, and she refrained from soaking them in water to clean them.

Cleaning Techniques

Taking the time to care for the blinds regularly properly can keep you from having to do an intense deep clean, so here are a few things to consider when it comes to appropriate care:

Dust Regularly

One of the primary culprits for buildup will come from dust, so creating a schedule that regularly involves cleaning the blinds can be beneficial. You will want to utilize a microfiber or soft cloth for a basic wipe down, but if you’re dealing with pet dander, you may want to consider using a vacuum that has a brush attachment. Start by closing the blinds to ensure the slats are flat and easy to wipe across and run your vacuum or cloth from end to end for proper care.

Add A Conditioner

If you live in an environment where the air is drier, you may want to consider adding an option such as lemon oil to condition the wood and prevent fading.

Faux Wood Cleaning

When it comes to faux wood blinds, you can also have the option of cleaning them with a mild solution of dish soap and water and applying them with a microfiber towel to avoid soaking the blinds.

Quality You Can Count On

DLUX Window Coverings take pride in offering all their clients the highest quality products on the market. We understand the complexities that come with choosing a window covering in Tahoe City, CA, that will meet your needs, so give us a call today, and we will help you get started on your next project.

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