What are Exterior Window Treatments?

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Your homes appeal comes from its exterior qualities. Increasing the appeal not only improves the aesthetic quality of your home but the overall value of your property as well. So, when it comes to picking out window shutters in Sparks, NV, you want a quality product and something that will help with energy efficiency. Adding things like window boxes or shutters can promote keeping your windows safer and your home more comfortable.

Large amounts of money commonly go into the interior treatments leaving the outdoors neglected. Ensuring you are making both the priority will contribute to lowering your bills and longevity of your windows. Having a form of exterior shade also keeps UV radiation out and offers more privacy for your family and friends.

What are my options?
There are several different choices for the exterior, and the variety of shutters can come in several different kinds of materials, including vinyl, fabric, wood, and even steel. The shades come in vinyl or fabric and typically have openings to allow visibility from the window. They can be operated manually, but some have hey Craig attached inside the home to open and close them. Considering that if you have one with larger openings, there is less protection from UV rays.

Most external systems include a motor or a crank that allows them to be opened or closed from inside the home. There’s another product called a roller shutter, and it can be mounted above your window. Their slats will provide multiple things such as protection from storms, privacy; it’s security.

These are typically a sheet of canvas or other material that’s been stretched over a frame that gets attached to the window’s exterior to create a shade from the sun. They are used to protect the elements, including rain and snow and canopies or sunshades. They are available to be retractable, or you can leave them in a fixed position. Depending on how your windows are facing will determine the percentage of solar heat reduction they will supply. Traditionally, they were made of metal or canvas that has to be recovered more frequently; today’s versions come in options like acrylic or Polyvinyl laminates, making them water repellent, resistant to fading, and easier to clean.


Solar Window Screens
These screens’ main priority is to reduce issues like glare and UV damage. They’re optional to be interior or exterior and either in roller shades or fixed panels. They are similar to insect screens but offer more efficiency. One great option for these screens is that they provide greater openness and reduce glare and solar heat while increasing light transmission.

Let us Help Guide you.
You want your home to be cost-effective and head-turning, so when it comes to picking out window shutters in Sparks, NV, you want to know that you have an expert team on your side. We pride ourselves on finding solutions to challenging situations and offering nothing but high-quality products alongside our exemplary service. If you need help picking out the right exterior shades for your home or have questions, please call us today and help us create a functional and beautiful look.

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