Which Window Blinds are the Best for Winter?

Your home is a place that reflects your style while at the same time offering functionality. You want to do everything you can to help reduce your bills as much as possible, and just one way that can be done is by purchasing new blinds and window shutters in Incline Village, NV. Understanding what your options are can make all the difference so gaining more knowledge is recommended. Here is more information on the best window coverings to choose from.


Window drapes are a great option to help offer ways to conserve on monthly heating bills. The design provides excellent insulation properties that can increase overall energy efficiency by having a thermal back applied. They come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and fabrics that can match almost any aesthetic of your home. They are also known for creating more privacy and are a more affordable option on the market.


There are multiple options for shutters on the market and if you are looking for the best choice when it comes to insulation, are plantation shutters. They are built to fit nicely against your window, which helps lower costs by keeping a layer of air against the glass, creating more insulating benefits. A few benefits include:

  • Visual aesthetics: The shutters offer aesthetics that can complement almost any home, so you know you will be able to reflect your style.
  • Easy to use: They are straightforward with slim slats and a louver design.


The best choice on the market for shades is called cellular or honeycomb. The design has cell pockets that help trap air inside the window area in the winter and keep cool air inside during the summer. They come without cords which means a safer option for your children and have many colors to choose from.

The insulation properties can vary depending on the size of pleating you choose and can come in different sizes ranging from ¾ to ⅜ of an inch. They can offer other options like:

  • UV protection: UV rays can damage the interior of your home, causing fading over time. Having the extra protection can lower your overall costs just from the wear alone.
  • Light control: Light control can be an essential part of getting better rest and keeping any workspaces more functional by having more or less light as needed.
  • Extra privacy: Another benefit of the shades is the additional privacy; this can bring more peace of mind throughout the day.

Quality and Care for all Our Clients 

Choosing the right window coverings will help in many ways, including lowering your monthly bills and matching your style. Choosing the right product for your home can make all the difference, especially regarding window shutters in Incline Village, NV. DLUX Window Coverings is our locally trusted source for the highest quality products on the market, and we would love to help you with your next project. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us today.

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