Window Coverings that are Fairly High Maintenance

Window Coverings that are Fairly High Maintenance

When you visit a Truckee, CA window blinds store, you’ll find that they sell a lot more than blinds. You’ll not only find a lot of different kinds of blinds, but also various varieties of shutters, shades, drapes, and more. Chances are that you’ll be surprised — perhaps even overwhelmed — by the wide range of options available across various product categories.

What you end up buying is entirely up to you and what you want for your home. But if you’d like durable window coverings that don’t require a lot of maintenance, there are some types that you might want to – and in the case of #1 below should definitely — skip.

Read on to read more about these window coverings that could end being more trouble than they’re worth maintenance-wise.

Cheaply Constructed Window Blinds
While it might be tempting to simply look for the cheapest window blinds you can find, that’s seldom going to lead to a pleasing outcome. Your best bet is to buy blinds constructed from metal, hardwood, or even polycarbonate material. Window blinds made out of quality materials will last longer, resist damage, and be easier to maintain. If you go with the cheapest blinds you can find, they may not hold up as well. You might actually have to replace them much sooner than if you decided to invest a little bit more into quality window coverings. If you shop at a quality window covering shop, you’ll find a lot of quality options at different price points.

Thick Curtains
There’s no denying that thick fabric curtains can really give a room a dash of style and elegance. Whether in your living room, den, or bedroom, curtains have the ability to enhance aesthetics in a way that few other things can. So if it’s really what you want for one or more rooms in your home, don’t let anybody stop you. But if you’re looking for window coverings that are easy to clean, then you might want to buy something else. Thick curtains are dust and dirt magnets — as you’ve probably noticed — and you’ll have to be selective when it comes to using cleaning agents you have in your home. If you don’t mind the higher-than-usual maintenance requirements and really want thick curtains, the you shouldn’t let anyone stop you.

Sheer Curtains
The thing with window curtains made from sheer materials is that they are too thin to be durable. So you won’t be able to count on such curtains lasting for the long haul. The thin material is also not suitable for a rough-and-tumble cycle in your washing machine or dryer. If you want window coverings that will last a long time and will be easy to maintain, then it’s best to steer clear of sheer fabric drapes.

If you want nothing but the best window blinds in Truckee, CA, then get in touch with us at DLUX Window Coverings. We sell motorized shades, shades, blinds, shutters, vertical solutions, custom drapery, roman shades, and specialty shapes and skylights. Give us a call or visit our showroom to see our window coverings and to speak with our staff. We’ll help you get exactly what you need.

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