Window Coverings That Are Great For A Humid Room

window shutters in Tahoe City, CA

Are you thinking about getting the best blinds, shades, or window shutters in Tahoe City, CA for your humid room or bathroom? If so, you should try window treatments that can withstand repeated exposure to humidity and water. Dehumidifiers can deal with the humidity but the wetness will still get to your window treatments unless they are moisture resistant. Here are some of the best coverings for humid rooms.

Why Humidity Is Bad For Your Windows

A room with extreme levels of moisture or humidity can cause wood shutters or blinds to warp. This happens because the wood soaks up the moisture causing the wood to expand. When the wood dries it becomes harder. The process of soaking up water and then drying it takes a toll on the wood causing it to start chipping or breaking apart. Window treatments made of cloth suck in all the moisture causing mold and mildew to grow on them. This discolors the cloth over time and weakens its structure.

Composite Shutters Look Like Wood

Composite shutters may look like wood but can withstand high humidity levels like moisture-resistant PVC shutters. They look like wood but are cheaper and last longer in humid conditions. They are also easier to clean than wood shutters but should not be exposed to water.

Polysatin Shutters Are Easy To Maintain

Not only are they moisture resistant but also won’t warp, crack, fade, or peel when exposed to sunlight. They have an aluminum bracing that strengthens their structure combined with a resin that enhances their strength. You can clean them using some soapy water and a damp cloth.

Sheer Curtains For A Luxurious Feel

If you are looking for an alternative to shutters, shades, or blinds, then sheer curtains that keep your bathroom airy and bright are a great alternative. They also give your bathroom a luxurious spa-like feel if the curtains reach the floor. They soften the light that gets into the bathroom while also offering privacy. You can also layer them with blinds or shutters if you want to enhance privacy and insulation. If the sheer curtains get dirty, you can take them down and wash them just like you wash them.

Faux Wood And Composite Blinds Can Handle The Moisture

Composite and faux wood blinds are heat resistant and can withstand humidity. They do not fade or crack in humid conditions and are not likely to fade or turn yellow. You can get faux wood or composite blinds with a textured or smooth finish. Since they look like real wood, they offer the calming sophisticated effect that you get from wood shutters. These types of blinds are great for humidity-heavy rooms such as the kitchen, laundry rooms, and bathroom.

You need to find blinds, shutters, and window shades in Tahoe City, CA that can resist the negative effects of humidity or moisture. If you are not sure what type of window treatment is suitable for your window, our staff can help you find the right choice. Come to our showrooms and get inspired with great bathroom design ideas.


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