5 Essential Window Treatment Hardware Pieces Every Homeowner Should Know

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When you are in the market for window shutters in Incline Village, NV, you are not just thinking about the style or functionality of the treatments but also the hardware used to install them. Having the right hardware is vital because it will determine how easy it will be to operate the window treatment. In some cases, hardware pieces could also determine the durability of the window covering. Here are the five essential window treatment hardware pieces that every homeowner should know.

Brackets For Attaching The Window Treatment To The Wall

Brackets are the hardware that you screw to the wall or the window frame for the purpose of mounting the window covering. You will need either inside mount brackets or outside mount brackets depending on the type, style, and weight of the window treatment you want to mount. Inside mount, brackets are installed inside the window frame while outside mount brackets are installed outside the window frame. For smaller windows, the inside mount brackets are ideal while outside mount brackets are the right choice for larger windows. Window brackets come in different shapes and sizes. Different window treatments need different types of brackets.

Screws Hold The Brackets In Place

Screws play the role of holding brackets in place so that the window treatment is secured when mounted. Wood screws are great for wood surfaces and drywall screws are suitable for dry walls. You need to select screws based on the type of window and wall. Using the wrong screw can lead to the window treatment falling off the wall, which can be dangerous.

Clips Are Alternatives To Brackets

Clips are great alternatives for brackets if you are attaching valances to your blinds. As you know, valances create a border at the top of your shades or blinds and also enhance insulation. You will need either J-Clips or L-Clips to install your valances without brackets. Clips are easy to install and adjust, making them a good option for homeowners who want flexibility in their window treatment installation.

Curtain Rods

Some curtain rod types include decorative, tension, concealed, traverse, and many others. If you are a renter and don’t want to drill any holes, tension curtain rods are probably the best option. Just like any other curtain hardware, the best curtain rod for your treatments depends on the type of window and window coverings.

You Need The Right Hardware

Remember that the right hardware ensures that your window treatment is secured. The window treatments are also more capable of functioning as intended if they are installed with the right hardware. Fortunately, most window treatments come with hardware for installation. If the hardware in the box doesn’t work for you, you can research alternatives online.

If you are not a DIY type of person, our experienced installers can measure your window and install window coverings properly. The window coverings and window shutters in Incline Village, NV that we offer, are easy to install and add style and functionality to your home

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