5 Signs that New Blinds May be in Order

5 Signs that New Blinds May be in Order

You can expect your window blinds to serve you well for many years, so you won’t have to go about replacing them every year. But that doesn’t mean that they’ll last forever. Sooner or later, you’ll need to, or want to, replace your existing window blinds with new Truckee, CA window blinds. Read on for 5 signs that it may be a good idea to change things up with new blinds.

1. Blinds are Difficult to Raise
You can bet that your blinds need to be replaced if they’re getting harder and harder to raise them. The lifting mechanism is supposed to make it easy to raise and lower the blinds as needed. But if they’re damaged, you’ll need to consider getting new window blinds.

2. Style is No Longer in Style
Another reason you may want to get new window blinds is if the style is no longer in style. In other words, your current blinds might stand out like a sore thumb after a renovation project. So if the style of your new sofa set clashes with your old window blinds, you may want to get new blinds so that there’s a stylistic harmony in your living room.

3. Replacement Windows Warrant Window Covering Update
Are you going to get replacement windows for your home? That will require a substantial outlay of cash, but it’ll be worth it. One thing you’ll want to consider, however, is the possibility of getting new window coverings to complement your replacement window investment. You don’t necessarily have to do that, but it might be worth the investment for you. Window coverings cost a fraction of what replacement windows cost, so paying a bit extra to pair your new windows with new window coverings makes sense. This is especially the case if your old window blinds might detract from the aesthetics of your replacement windows.

4. Poses Risks
Do you have little ones at home? If you have blinds where the operation mechanisms are easy to reach – even for those with short arms and little hands – you might want to get new blinds. While consulting with a window covering company, you can ask for window blinds that are safer for homes with little ones. There are numerous options that will fit the bill.

5. Discoloration
Do your current blinds look the worse for wear? If your window blinds are very old, they may bear the marks of discoloration or fading. This can greatly detract from their aesthetic appeal.

Are you experiencing any of these problems with your window blinds? Get in touch with us at DLUX Window Coverings for the assistance you require. You can get immediate assistance at our Truckee, CA showroom. Call us at (530) 550-0183 to speak to one of our sales associates. You can also visit us at 10001 Soaring Way Ste 120, Truckee, CA 96161. Doing so will afford you the opportunity to speak with our staff, check out our window covering selection, and more. Get in touch to learn more about your Truckee, CA window blind options. We’ll be pleased to help.

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