Hard Vs Soft Window Treatments

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As a homeowner or renter, choosing the right window coverings or window shutters in Incline Village, NV can make a big difference in the look and feel of your home. Window treatments control the amount of light that enters your space, enhance privacy, and affect the energy efficiency of your home. The two main categories of window treatments are hard and soft. Here is how you can differentiate between hard and soft window treatments.

Hard Window Treatments Are Made Of “Hard” Materials

Shutters, blinds, and shades are examples of hard window treatments you can install in your home. They are made using hard materials such as aluminum, wood, and vinyl. Despite the hard materials, these window treatments are made in such a way that they are easy to adjust. If you are looking for window coverings for natural light control, blinds are the better choice because of their versatility. Blinds are also the better choice if you are looking for maximum privacy. Shutters are also a popular choice, mostly because of their classic look and the insulation they provide during summer and winter. Some shoppers prefer shades because of their smooth look made possible because of the soft fabric used to make them. Since they do not have slats, shades open by rolling up and close by rolling down. Some of the hardware used to hang hard window treatments include brackets, hinges, mounting clips, and more

Soft Window Treatments Add Color And Pattern To Your Space

Since soft window treatments are made of soft, flowing fabrics, they are often the best choice to add color, patterns, and texture to a room. They include options like curtains, drapes, sheers, and valances. Long curtains and drapes that almost touch the floor can add softness and elegance to nearly every room. Sheers allow light to get through while maintaining some privacy. Valances are a great way to add a finishing touch to a window treatment and come in a variety of styles and fabrics.

Should You Buy Hard Window Treatments Or Choose The Soft Options

Consider the appearance and function of the window treatment if you want to have an easier time choosing the right option. If you live in areas with a harsh climate, prioritize hard treatments because they are practical and functional. For example in a climate with extremely cold and hot seasons, you need durable hard window treatments that provide superior insulation. Soft window treatments are decorative and stylish but can only enhance insulation if they are layered with hard window treatments. Generally, focus on factors like privacy, light control, and energy efficiency when you go shopping for window treatments. Maintenance and cleaning should also be considered. Hard treatments are generally easier to clean, while soft treatments may require more frequent washing or dry cleaning.

If you are having trouble choosing the right window coverings and window shutters in Incline Village, NV, come to our showroom and talk to our experienced and certified installers. Our professional installers have extensive knowledge about both hard and soft window coverings and will help guide you.

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