Using Window Treatments To Control Sunlight

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Window treatments can help you control the amount of light entering your home. The amount of sunlight each window is exposed to during the day determines what kind of window coverings and window shutters in Sparks, NV you require. Here are some tips for buying the right window treatments for natural light control.

Consider Your Privacy And Light-Filtering Needs

The fabric used to make the window covering determines not only the privacy but also the light control. The first fabric option allows light to enter while blocking glare but also offers minimal privacy. This option is great for rooms where maximum privacy is not necessary such as a sunroom. Another option is a window covering that lets in enough light and diffuses it throughout a room. You get a screened view from blinds that diffuse light but that means that they only provide moderate privacy. There are also solar shades made of fabric that filters light with little to no view to provide maximum privacy. You can use this option in a bathroom or your living room.

Finding Solar Shades With The Right Light Percentage

Solar shades have a light percentage that ranges from 1% to 14%. The percentages are determined by the amount of light the shade lets through and the view it provides. Solar shades with 1% openness let in the least light and block almost all the view. The options with 14% openness let in maximum light and maximum view.

Window Coverings That Provide Maximum Privacy

Window treatments can also be made using fabric that blocks some of the light and blocks all views. This option filters the light that gets through and provides maximum privacy. If you want to completely block natural light, you can buy shades that completely darken the room even during the daytime. You can use these options in your or your child’s bedroom because they make it easier to nap during the day and provide maximum privacy.

Use Curtains And Drapes To Block Heat

Install drapes and curtains on the side of the house that gets the most sunlight during summer to reduce heat gain. If the curtains have a white plastic backing, they can reduce heat gain by up to about 30%. But for maximum effect, you need to hang the curtains as close as possible to the window. You can seal the drapes’ sides using Velcro or even tape.

Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized window treatments are not just to provide convenience but also to prevent the hot summer rays from heating up interiors. You can schedule motorized treatments to raise or lower automatically with the sun without glare so that natural light lights your room throughout your day. Scheduling also means that even when you are not at home, the window treatments will raise and lower making intruders think you are at home.

We have a variety of options for window shades in Sparks, NV. Our experienced installers have extensive product knowledge which means you can ask them any question about light control.

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