What is the Difference Between Horizontal and Vertical Blinds? 

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With So many options on the market, picking out window shades in sparks NV can be challenging. Having a variety of options is essential to meet an individual’s aesthetic needs and must be an effective option for their home. And in today’s modern world, there are two variations of blinds used in a home. One is vertical, and one is a horizontal blind, and both work well as coverings for doors or windows. Each of these has its difference and purpose, so understanding what you’re needing is a great starting place.

Horizontal Blinds

These blinds come with slats that run left to right in a horizontal position. They are generally between one to two inches in width and move in an up and down direction. This means that when you raise it fully, it will be entirely out of the window area. Horizontal blinds also have a system that is two cords with a pully; add a small metal box that conceals the system. These are recommended for smaller windows due to the weight of the blind.

  • The horizontal blinds are ideal for windows that are narrow and tall.
  • They are the quieter option of the two because they have no tracks to pull them on.
  • Longer lasting and less maintenance due to fewer parts.
  • The blinds have been proven to block out 90 to 95% of light in a room.

Vertical Blinds

These run north to South and are typically mounted to a track that supports their back and forth movement. Their strips or planks are generally more expansive than the horizontals, and they come with a pulley system or a wand to operate them.

  • This option is excellent for use on things like large windows or sliding glass doors. They also work well for patio doors, French doors, and Bay windows.
  • Ease of opening and closing.
  • Most are made from PVC or moisture-resistant options.
  • Easy to clean with standard household products.

One of the most important things to consider for a vertical blind is the size of the window or door you are covering; this will determine the width of the slat.

Similarities Between Vertical and Horizontal Blinds

  • They are both designed for not only privacy but to help control light in the room.
  • We recommend them for rooms where privacy is desired and light control, such as in a bedroom or bathroom.
  • They also offer easy installation since they come from materials that are lightweight material.

Making the Right Choice for your Home
With the variety of window treatments on the market today, it can take a while to find the right one for you. When you’re looking for window shades in sparks NV, you want to know that you have a local and trusted resource to help. DLUX Window Coverings has been providing exceptional customer service for over two decades, so you know you’re in good hands. When you are looking to upgrade or new window treatments, give us a call and let our experts show you what high quality means.

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