Why Window Shutters are Worth the Premium

Truckee, CA window shutters

If you’re on the lookout for window coverings for your home, you might have realized both that there are so many choices out there and that some window coverings cost more than others. For instance, Truckee, CA window shutters cost more than many other types of window coverings like blinds, shades, and curtains. Is the price premium worth it? You bet it is. Here are some reasons why window shutters are a worthwhile investment for your home.


Window shutters will — in the closed position — offer you heat insulation and sound insulation. During the hot weather months, you’ll be able to open your windows while keeping the shutters closed. This will permit air to get inside your dwelling while ensuring that heat from the sun’s rays remains outside. Yes, you can get some of these benefits from drapes and blinds – but not to the same extent. Also, window shutters are a better fit for certain rooms than are other window covering types. You wouldn’t want a heavy curtain in your kitchen, after all. But window shutters or blinds would work in such cases. But if you’re looking for a more premium look, you’ll be best served going with shutters over blinds.

Easy Maintenance

Window shutters, especially plantation shutters, are easy to keep clean from dust and dirt. This means that they’re a good option for people who have allergies. Curtains and drapes are dust and dirt magnets, and they’re not easy to clean. In fact, you can only give them a good cleaning by taking them down and washing them in the washing machine. That’s a lot of work. Blinds also attract lots of dust and dirt. While easier to clean than drapes and curtains, they are still a pain to maintain because of all the slats as well as the many nooks and crannies. You won’t have that sort of difficulty when keeping your shutters in good shape.

More Curb Appeal

Let’s face it. Window shutters are probably the best-looking window covering type. That’s subjective to an extent since beauty is and always will be in the eye of the beholder. But you can bet that window shutters will up your home’s curb appeal more than will blinds, drapes, shades, or curtains. You can bet that you’ll be able to get more for your home if you have quality window shutters installed. People know that they cost more than other types of window coverings, so they’ll be willing to pay a premium to buy your home.

Are you sold on window shutters in Truckee, CA? Whether you’re ready to go ahead with a buying decision or you need to get more information, you can get what you want by contacting us at DLUX Window Coverings. When you phone (530) 550-0183, our professional sales associates will help you in any way possible. You can also visit our showroom for a more hands-on experience where you can check out the window coverings for yourself and ask questions. We’re located at 10001 Soaring Way Ste 120, Truckee, CA 96161. Let us know how we can help you get the window coverings you want for your home.

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