Window Treatments For A Drafty Room

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Have you entered a room in your home and felt like there was a breeze blowing in or felt that it is colder than other rooms despite the windows being closed? You are likely to experience this as temperatures drop during the winter months. The solution is to buy the right window coverings including window shutters in Sparks, NV that can improve insulation in that room. The last thing you want is a cold breeze blowing through your home, making it uncomfortable and driving up your energy bills. Here are some window treatment ideas to prevent this.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Shutters

Plantation shutters are installed into the window frame and the louvers close tight making it difficult for cold air to get in. They also prevent the warm air from leaking out through the window which means shutters are great for energy efficiency.

French Curtain Pole Offers Aesthetics And Function

French curtain rods have a unique feature which is that they are curved at both ends. This allows you to close the curtains right against the wall. That means drafts or wind leaking from the window cannot get through. French curtain poles also provide a stylish touch to any room.

Inside Mount Blinds

You should also consider inside mount blinds which are installed inside the window frame. Installing blinds inside the window frame not only provides a clean finished look but also minimizes drafts. With inside-mount blinds, less cold air gathers between the blinds and the windows, which helps to keep your room warmer. In contrast, outside-mount blinds allow cold air to leak downwards into a room.

Roman Shades

Roman shades come with great patterns that give your room personality, but most people don’t know that they can also effectively block drafts. These shades can be installed inside or outside the window frame and are made from fabric. Roman shades made using heavier fabrics can block out more cold air, making them a great choice for drafty rooms. For even more insulation, pair your Roman shades with draperies or shutters.

Use drapes and curtains

While drapes and curtains can increase the level of sophistication in a room, they can also be used to improve insulation. They are more effective at insulation if you hang them close to the window to block as much cold air as possible. Since cold air or light often leaks from the sides of the curtains or drapes, it can be challenging to stop this leakage if the design of your window does not allow you to install the window treatment close to the window. In this situation, you can use velcro or magnetic tape to attach the sides of the curtains or drapes to the window frame.

There are several window treatments that can help you to reduce drafts and keep your home warm during the winter months. By choosing the right window treatments or window shutters in Sparks, NV, you can create a cozy and comfortable space that is protected from the chilly winter weather.

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