How Not To Waste Money On Window Treatments

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Most people in the market for window treatments are overwhelmed by the number of options available. When you are shopping for window coverings such as window shades in Sparks, NV, you need to consider your budget, preferences, and home décor. When you consider all these factors, it is much easier to decide what you really need in a window treatment. Here are some tips on how not to waste money on window treatments.

Mounting Hardware Does Not Have To Be Expensive

Expensive mounting hardware is great but is not always necessary because most window treatments are not that heavy or complicated. In fact, there is affordable no-drill curtain hardware that you simply tap into the top of your window frame without drilling any holes. Another way to save money is to mount drapery hardware six to 8 inches from both sides of the frame. This allows you to open the curtains or drapes to allow in as much light as possible or block more sunlight and heat from entering.

Drapes And Curtains

The terms drapes and curtains are often used interchangeably but drapes are made using heavier fabric and usually run from floor to ceiling. Curtains, on the other hand, are made of light fabrics such as cotton and polyester and are much shorter in length than drapes. This means that curtains are often less expensive than drapes. So, if you don’t need to seal in more heat during the colder months, you should probably go for curtains. Drapes and curtains can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room, but they can also be expensive depending on the quality and thickness of the fabric.

Go For Off-The-Shelf Shades

Shades are great at diffusing light or darkening a room when they are completely closed. They let in warm light while maintaining privacy. You can find them in a range of styles and materials, from simple roller shades to more elaborate honeycomb shades. To save money on shades, pick off-the-shelf options instead of custom sizes or materials. Most of the time you don’t need custom window shades unless you have large, unique, or out-of-reach windows that cannot accommodate normal window treatments. You can also look for discounts or deals online or at local home improvement stores.

Install Curtain Rod Above The Frame

Installing the curtain rod above the frame is a better alternative to buying custom-made drapes or adjusting the drapes you already have. This money-saving tip allows you to hang your drapes inches above the window frame so that the drapes barely touch the floor. Renters can benefit from this trick because they can buy taller panels without worrying about how tall the ceiling will be. Another advantage is this trick makes your ceiling appear taller which can make a low ceiling look taller and grander than it actually is.

When you are looking for treatments or window shades in Sparks, NV, come to our showroom so that we can help you pick the most affordable and cost-effective options we have.

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