DIY Window Treatment Ideas For Renters

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Do you hate the window treatments in the apartment or house you are renting? If so, there are cost-effective ways to personalize your rented space using window coverings and window shutters in Sparks, NV. These options are temporary so your landlord is not likely to disapprove. Here are some tips you can use when installing window treatments while renting.

Hanging Ideas For Renters

When you are thinking about the hanging essentials you have to be ready for any window treatment situation in the apartment you are renting. Your rental apartment may not have blinds or the blinds may not be regular. The windows may or may not have molding trim and the curtain tracks present. So, trying to solve this situation using brackets and other hardware may not be the best idea. All you need are inexpensive extendable and removable curtain rods, command hooks, rings or grommets, and Velcro. These are the “hardware” you can use to install temporary window treatments without drilling into the walls.

Be More Thoughtful When Shopping

You are shopping for window treatments you can use in your current house and other houses you will rent in the future. Pay attention to the quality of the fabric and consider how the curtain will look once it’s hung. It’s also a great idea to buy l curtains that are at least 95 inches long because you can always re-hem them if the window is smaller. That means you need to wait for deals such as holiday sales and coupons that make it easier to afford high-quality and long curtains. Hang the new curtains and see if they improve the look of your home. If they are not the right fit, return them and try a new set until you find what you need.

Layering For Style And Function

If the window treatments pre-installed in your rental are blinds or shades, then you can layer them with patterned sheer curtains. While the shades or blinds provide light control, insulation, and privacy, curtains add style and warm up your room. They are also quite helpful if you want to block more light. Rentals often have dull or neutral-colored window treatments. If this doesn’t work with your interior décor, you can layer the dull-colored coverings with printed curtains or drapes.

What To Do If You Don’t Want Curtains

Curtains do not work in all situations, especially when furniture is against the window or you just prefer a clean look. You can solve this using an extra-wide roman shade that can fit almost any window. You can also look for no-tools required blinds or shades if your rental did not come with window treatments.

Affordable Alternatives Exist

New renters are often on a budget and may not be able to buy custom window treatments for their new homes. Some great affordable treatments include vinyl blinds and mini blinds.

We have years of experience helping tenants to find the right window covering and window shades in Sparks, NV. Visit our showroom today and get inspired.

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