The Top Window Coverings For Allergy Sufferers

window coverings in Tahoe City, CA

Allergens such as dust, mold spores, insect droppings, and dirt can become a nightmare if you don’t choose the right window coverings. Consider window treatments that prevent the accumulation of these allergens when you are looking for the right window coverings in Tahoe City, CA. Here are some top window treatments for allergy sufferers:

Cellular Shades Can Reduce Allergen And Particle Accumulation

Cellular shades have air pockets that trap dust and other allergens, which prevent these particles from circulating in your room. The air conditioning systems will also work better because they are not choked up with allergens and your rooms will be cleaner. Cellular shades or honeycomb shades are made of cellular plastic meaning that they are easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth. You don’t need to call a professional window treatment cleaner to clean them.

Shutters Are Designed To Repel Allergens

Shutters have angled louvers to let air flow in and out unhindered. This design prevents the over-accumulation of dust and other allergens, unlike fabric curtains which can hold a lot of dust and pollen. Consider plantation shutters such as painted hardwood shutters or waterproof polyvinyl shutters because they are also easy to wipe clean. So, they allow you to control the natural light entering your home and help keep the air in your home clean. Heritance hardwood shutters and NewStyle Hybrid shutters are great choices if you are in the market for allergen-proof shutters.

Roller Shades Have A Smooth Non-Porous Surface

Since the material used to make roller shades is smooth and non-porous, it does not trap dust or pollen easily. You also have to roll it up and down daily which in itself gets rid of any allergen that is clinging to the window covering. Another advantage is that cleaning and maintaining roller shades is a breeze. Once you close the roller shade it keeps out all the allergens that may get into your home from outdoors.

Waterproof Vertical Blinds Can Be Cleaned By A Duster Or A Microfiber Cloth

The first thing you notice is the vertical orientation of the slats on these window coverings. That design makes it easier to dust or wipe them clean, especially if the slats are made using PVC or vinyl material. These materials do not trap allergens and can be removed to be washed or vacuumed if you are concerned about nooks and crannies that are not easy to reach when the slats are hanging. You can even replace old slats with new ones. They are also a great choice because the vertical orientation of the slats allows air to circulate better in your room so that there is no buildup of dust or other allergens

Whether you are looking for allergen-proof window treatments or looking specifically for window blinds in Tahoe City, CA, visit our showroom. We have all the above window treatments in various colors and designs. Our friendly staff will help you find what you are looking for.


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